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Time to give the marathon another crack

Nine weeks ago, not long after New Years, I started looking at marathon training plans. I needed a goal and the sub 3 hour marathon was still on my bucket list and not looking like it was going to get … Continue reading

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100 runs in 100 days

I’m 35 days into my – possibly insane – mission of 100 runs in 100 days. To qualify as a run it must be either 6km long, or 30 mins – whichever comes first. I’m not worried if it gets … Continue reading

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The Daily Run

I’m just back in from my 31st day of running in January. I’ve run every single day of 2013 so far – at least 1 run per day, with a minimum of 30mins or 6km. It’s known as streak running, … Continue reading

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Final hit-out #FAIL

(Note: This was actually posted a few days after Hervey Bay, when I finally pulled my finger out and got around to publishing the bloody thing!) It’s 7am and I’m back at home, legs-up, coffee in hand, laptop out, contemplating … Continue reading

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My weekends are a write-off

This shouldn’t be a revelation to me – but it is. My weekends are a training write-off! Once again I planned my training week with a long run on Saturday and a long ride on Sunday. And once again I … Continue reading

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You know you’re in a slump when…

slump [slʌmp] n 1. a sudden or marked decline or failure, as in progress or achievement; collapse You know you’re in a slump when: You’re injured. How could you not be in a slump after getting injured? Hand-in-hand I’m afraid! … Continue reading

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The Week that Wasn’t

It was a crazy-busy week last week. Like all triathletes who are balancing family, work and training, my timetable is pretty tight with only a small buffer available for unusual events. Of course you always get some unusual events so … Continue reading

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