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Swim analysis with the Garmin 910XT

So I did a 2000m TT with the Garmin 910XT on my wrist. What did it tell me? Sweet FA if I look at the graphs on the Garmin Connect website. The scale on their graph is rather unhelpful – … Continue reading

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Barefoot Butterflies

A familiar story? I was desperate for a solution, and barefoot running promised it. I’d been battling multiple torn calf issues for months. Nothing was working. I’d scoured the net – forums, blogs, articles – for a cure. Barefoot running … Continue reading

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Don’t Cry over Lost Training Data

Geez my calves are killing me tonight. I’m paying the price for some insanely fast intervals on the track today. Scorching! “How fast is insanely fast?” you might ask. Sadly, I have no bloody idea! My ever reliable Garmin 310XT … Continue reading

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