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“Oh dear! I might have to get off and walk…” It’s not often you think that when you’re riding a road bike! I was completely out of energy and out of power. I was on my own, riding on the … Continue reading

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Chasing silly goals

I’ve been using the Strava Climbing Challenge to give me some ride motivation. It’s a ridiculous quest: climb 32,099 metres in 47 days. That’s 683m every day, or 4,781 metres every week. I’d climbed a total of 3,000m in the … Continue reading

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A tale of two sports

The last two months have been bizarre. On the one hand, my bike fitness has gone from strength to strength. On the other hand, my run fitness has completely dissolved! The catalyst for this seven weeks ago, when I tore … Continue reading

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Springtime on the Gold Coast

Ahhh, Spring has arrived on the Gold Coast. The weather has warmed up – but not too hot, gusty breezes turn long rides into hard rides, and bike lights are no longer required for 5:30am rides. HAH! Who am I … Continue reading

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Bike bites Dog. Road bites Man.

That dog is the first thing that comes into my head when I try to recall the crash. A black Border Collie maybe? Frisky. FAST. I can see it racing along the footpath towards me, looking back over it’s shoulder, … Continue reading

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I almost retired the Spider-Helmet last week, but I’m glad I didn’t. I was approaching a busy two-lane roundabout (a two lane roundabout is the perfectly engineered cyclist-killer), gauging the oncoming cars, their speeds etc, looking for my gap when … Continue reading

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