About Me

I’ve got a wife, four kids under 8 (with the youngest a newborn in September 2010), a real job, a couple of hobby-jobs, and an insatiable need to exercise. I have NO spare time – which is the time I’m using right now to write this. I’m conflicted, and this could well be my therapy!

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  1. Hello –

    I have just read your post on the Warrie circuit with interest … really painted a picture of what it will be like …

    I am currently training for a 50k up at Wild Horse Lookout, QLD on 31/01 2013 and am looking for a new training run to keep things interesting – the Warrie circuit looks like it fills that brief!

    Your post says that it took you around 2 hours to complete. I tend to be fairly steady (thats being kind), especially over the trails (run a half marathon in around 2 hours) – how quick were/are you … just need to know if I would be looking at nearer 4 hours!!! Any hints/tips you can offer would be gratefully received …

    Oh, ‘shameless plug’ time … if you want to find out a bit more about what I am up to, feel free to have a cursory glance at my page. I am running in aid of the Orangutan Foundation UK – look at the website below or if the link doesn’t work, feel free to google Stephen Bocock Just Giving …

    Have fun with your next challenge …


    • jontsnz says:

      Hi Steve,

      Good luck with that 50km challenge – it sounds completely nuts to me! 🙂

      I ran a road half marathon in 1:22 last year, but am probably in 1:30 shape at the moment. I took it pretty easy, with plenty of photo breaks (and some wound-licking). I reckon you’d be under 3 hours, and the scenery makes the time fly. The only reason I won’t run it regularly is the hassle of getting there – 45 mins each way for me. But do try it – it’s stunning!

      Other good scenic options can be found at the end of the Binna Burra road. The Shipstern Circuit is about twice as long as this and sounds pretty special. Check out this review here for more details. And there’s also the Border Trail which runs up and along the caldera of the Tweed Volcano. It’s about 20km to O’Reilly’s and I’ve heard it’s a great run IF you have someone to pick you up at the other end!

      See you on the trails!


  2. Paul says:


    I am researching training software and read your post “WKO+. Should I bother?” I have been using Garmin Training center since 2006; before that a personalized excel sheets / Training Peaks hybrid dating back to 1996. Last year without realizing the consequence I purchased a Polar RS800cx and my tracking nightmare began. I’m curious if you’re continued using the WKO and your thoughts since several years have passed.

    Thank for the info

    • jontsnz says:

      Gidday Paul,

      It’s probably about time I wrote a followup to that post. I feel your pain with the Polar watch – they seem to want to do things different to everyone else, which really restricts your options.

      It’s over two years since I wrote “WKO+. Should I bother?” and I’m still using WKO+ on a daily basis. Every run/ride/swim gets logged in there. It gives me two things I don’t get anywhere else: 1) CTL (fitness) graphs for each sport, and 2) detailed analysis of each activity (and any portion within that activity).

      Strava had been slowly encroaching on these features and I fully expected that I’d be abandoning WKO+ for Strava within 12 months. BUT in the last 2 months Strava have absolutely butchered their run analysis features. While I’m sure they’ll eventually sort their act out and reinstate them, it’s made me realise that going down the web-based route for my training log is a bad idea. With a web-based solution there is no guarantee that the product you buy today will be the product they make you use tomorrow – in fact, there’s no guarantee that the product will even be around tomorrow if the company goes under.

      So I’m quite happy to stick with a desktop application like WKO+ for my primary training log. And they’ve announced recently that a long-overdue update is in the works (including a Mac version), so fingers crossed they will improve the run features, and the UI will join us in the 21st century. But if I don’t like the new version, I don’t have to use it (unlike a website!). I’ll continue to use sites like Garmin Connect and Strava for the social/fun aspects, but WKO+ will be my primary training log.

      Hope this helps.


      John Fitz

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