Time to give the marathon another crack

Nine weeks ago, not long after New Years, I started looking at marathon training plans. I needed a goal and the sub 3 hour marathon was still on my bucket list and not looking like it was going to get any easier.  

The Gold Coast Marathon is early July and a few friends were targeting it, some for sub-3 hours, and some for even quicker. At the time my running was in a lull – I was running twice a week and averaging 50 mins.  Strava offered a 12 week marathon training plan that expected you to be able to run 5 times and 7 hours a week. Would I be able to build to that kind of volume in time to start the plan for the Gold Coast Marathon? It felt like a spreadsheet waiting to happen. 

Nine weeks later, shackled to the spreadsheet, I’m still on target completing 5 1/2 hours this week.

Running targets

So I’ve just about got myself into a position where I can start a 12 week marathon training plan. Three years ago I evaluated a few plans and decided on the MyAsics one. That attempt ended in an injury six weeks out from the start line. This year there’s also the Strava plan in the mix, along with the Pfitzinger plan which a couple of mates are using. That’s something to ponder over the next few weeks.

I’m not sure I’ll have enough kms in my legs for long enough to give the sub 3 hour marathon a decent crack this year. But if I desire volume and consistency then I have to start sometime, so why not now?


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