100 runs in 100 days

I’m 35 days into my – possibly insane – mission of 100 runs in 100 days.

To qualify as a run it must be either 6km long, or 30 mins – whichever comes first. I’m not worried if it gets split over multiple runs in the same day, although I haven’t done this yet. The idea is to build a habit of running, and to force myself to keep exercising over the Xmas holiday period.

Rocky trails Hemi Matenga

So far it’s been mostly great. I’ve been forced into a few late night head-torch runs, a few soggy runs, and a few headcold runs. But aside from that, I’ve had the opportunity to explore some new trails all over the North Island of NZ. The highlight so far has been an out-and-back run over the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, but I’ve also explored several sections to the Te Araroa Trail (the length of NZ trail) near Kapiti, I’ve found new trails in the hills above Wellington, I’ve run down river to the Huka Falls in Taupo and I’ve circled around and over Mount Maunganui. With another 69 days to go, it’s exciting to think where else I might end up!

The new Strava training log is a very useful tool to monitor progress, with the picture below showing how many kms I’ve run each day (“Look Ma, no gaps!”):

Training log after 28 days

I’m happy to knock out a slow 6km run as a recovery session, but I’ve got to be careful not to fall into the trap of running everything at the same slow mono-pace. It’s a little tricky right now, because the legs rarely feel fresh enough to smash out a tempo session. Once I get back home from holiday, regular 5km parkruns and track sessions will help.

Meanwhile, I’ve somehow got to squeeze 6 hilly trail runs into the next 7 days. I’m not sure that I’ll manage, but it’ll be fun trying. Happy trails!

Emerald lake - Tongariro Alpine Crossing

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