Big Hairy Audacious Goals

Last week I ran a 3000m Time Trial around a local lake, and lowered my PB from 11:07 to 10:45. I started playing around with the McMillan Running Calculator to see how this fared against my 5km time of 18:11 last year. According to McMillan it’s about the same as an 18:45, so I still haven’t hit my speed levels from last year. That feels about right.

Then I got curious about what it would take to get my half marathon time down to the sub-80 minute mark. And I found something magical. This is what McMillan shows:

1h20m HalfM McMillan Equivalences

In theory, if you can hit the sub-80 min half marathon, you’d also be able to break the sub-3min 1000m, the sub-10min 3000m, the sub-36min 10km, and the sub 2:50 marathon. The only distance that doesn’t yield a magical milestone is the 5km at 17:18 – maybe the sub-17:30? (3:30min/km) – I’d take that one too!

These numbers are strangely compelling!

Perhaps I’ve uncovered my running BHAG?

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