He’s BACK! Again. But for how long?

I just found an unpublished blog post, written by me, one year ago – almost to the day. I was celebrating the return of my run, after a long battle with injury. It was never finished.

A few days after writing the draft, I ran faster than I’d ever run before: 5km in 18:11. But in the process, I tore my right calf again. My comeback was over. Then, while rebuilding from that injury, I had a calf-plosion in my left leg, with multiple grade 2 and 3 tears and a stress reaction. 2011 was a write-off.

Sobering thoughts as, once again, I find myself running freely, and I begin my build-up for the Gold Coast Half Marathon in 5 weeks, right through to the Tararua Mountain Race in March 2013.

Will this comeback be more successful than the last?

We’ll see.


(One year earlier…)

Draft Blog Entry: 23 May, 2011

At long last my running form is back!

18 months ago I was gently jogging home from an afternoon speed session and felt a PING in my right calf. It was my first real injury. Little did I suspect the saga that would play out over the next year and a half!

Back then, before the “Great Injury of 2009”, I ran my first (and only) 10km race in 38:15. Now, just last weekend, I ran a 5km race in 18:32. According to the McMillan running calculator this is about equivalent.

So I am officially BACK!


I may be back, but I’m not the same!

Now I have:

  • constant calf pain
  • a weekly massage
  • the iron base (3 months of slow, steady running in my legs)
  • the fear (will it blow again?)
  • the focus (how fast can I go?)

And I’m kind of a race winner:


Well almost. According to Athlinks I am, but there was one rather speedy Scott Whimpey who smashed me by minutes. BUT he didn’t have his handy little parkrun barcode with him. So his name isn’t on the results. So Athlinks ignored him. And gave me the win! W00t! (I love how desperate I am!)

Now that I’m only running, 5 hours per week is a big week. After grinding out those long Ironman hours, that’s just weird.

I’m noticing that I need the bike to lose weight, and keep it off. And I need to swim to unwind the calves.

I’m back. I’m better. I’m wiser.

— Jonty 2.0


(Back to the present day…)

What can I say?

I’m back AGAIN. I’m even betterer. And I dunno if I’m wiser, but I’m surely older!

— Jonty 3.0

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