2012 Race schedule…of sorts!

In a bid for purpose and direction, I’ve whipped up a bit of a race schedule for 2012. It only covers the first half of the year because I’ve got a fair bit of work/job/location uncertainty after June.

2012 race schedule

It would be nice to try out some of my new-found bike strength (SNORT!) against a half-ironman/70.3 course, but with the Gold Coast Half Ironman gone (and seemingly not coming back) I’d need to travel a significant distance – that doesn’t work well with four young kids! Port Macquarie 70.3 in late October is probably the closest geographically to the Gold Coast.

The event which isn’t on there that I’m pretty keen to do, is the March 2013 Tararua Mountain Race. If my fragile little running pins haven’t snapped by the Gold Coast Half Marathon, I’d expect to be building mileage over the following nine months, with some long trail run events (don’t know of any of these near the Gold Coast) and perhaps my first ever full marathon (unless you count my Ironman shuffle as one?). Something like the Kurrawa to Duranbah 50km in December would make sense (if a 50km run could ever actually make sense!).

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