The Season Begins

I’ve been slacking off for a while. Not my typical “Can’t be bothered riding my bike this morning” slacking off, but rather a “Can’t be bothered riding my bike this MONTH” kinda thing. Yes, fitness is at an all-time low since records began (only 2.5 years to be fair).

My, how quickly the Ironman peak disappeared!

all ctl since 2009.jpg

My overall fitness has been propped up by running, and a little swimming. My bike fitness is an even sorrier tale – since Ironman NZ it’s been in freefall, only revived by a special event.

bike ctl since oct 2010 b.jpg

This weekend’s Tour de Tri triathlon is another of these special events. It’s now 11 weeks out from the Noosa Olympic-distance triathlon. This race signals time to start working on the bike fitness! I’ve had my best Olympic bike splits with a CTL around 35, so that will be the minimum target.

I always like to write up a Gear List for a race. Normally I copy and paste from a previous race. But this is not my usual gear list! It has:

  • sleeping bags, sleeping mats, pillows and pyjamas!
  • woolly beanies and puffer jackets
  • NO tri suit!
  • Nintendo DSs and car chargers?!
  • deck chairs and a folding table
  • a pack of cards!!!
  • bike lights and head torches
  • a good book!

That’s right, I’m going camping up a mountain with the kids!

No, hang on, it’s a 24 hour triathlon, of course!

You can race as a team (2-5) or do it solo. We’re in a team of five. The course is a 300m pool swim, 9km bike and 2km run. You can split it up however you like, as long as you only have one person on the course at a time. You can do part of a lap, a full lap, or multiple laps.

We’re thinking each lap will take 45-50 mins, maybe an hour by the finish. So, less than 30 laps – about 5 or 6 each? Sounds like a doddle!

Or at least it did when we booked it months ago!

Now, as the temperatures refuse to budge out of single digits, and the rain clouds gather like looters at a London Sony store, it seems bloody daft! Already the murmurs have begun of comfy beds, creaky knees and triple laps through the night!

They’ve set it up awesomely as a kid-friendly event, with face-painting, bouncy castles and a big movie screen (goodness knows how that’ll work – might watch it while I’m running!). We pitch our three tents beside the course and let our eight kids roam free. Please stay away rain!

It’s certainly going to be an experience, and what a great way to kick off training for Noosa!

Now I just have to work out how to set my Garmin to record multiple sprint tris, possibly back to back?!?

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1 Response to The Season Begins

  1. idreamofkona says:

    Sounds like a great event; I think I heard it (or something similar) mentioned on the IM Talk podcast a little while ago.

    Have fun (and good luck, with the Garmin, with the race, with the weather, and with the kids!)

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