The Nervous Comeback Run

I just ran the 30 min don’t-stray-far-from-home, I-hope-my-injury-doesn’t-reappear run. And survived!

What a nervous time these comeback runs are!

I’ve had a few false starts over the past 3 weeks, with one 6km run only lasting 600m! After aggravating the injury and setting myself back, the rule this time was to stop at the first twinge of pain.

30mins is about a 6km run and I didn’t meant to leave myself a possible 3km walk home. So up and down the street I went! Fortunately there’s a park at the end of the street so I added in a lap of that (on the grass), and added a little out-and-back down a cul de sac, and I had myself a nice little 1km loop that never saw me more than 300m from home.

I ended up with one of those runs where you start tripping over the ball of string:

Running laps of the park

It went well. The problem with having 4 weeks off running is that running fast feels easy. The pace would slowly creep up to 4:20 min/km and then I’d have to slow myself back down to my goal easy pace of 5:00 min/km. In the end, I switched the iPod from music to a rather dull tech Podcast and that slowed me down!

With 5 mins to go, and no sign of the injury, I started getting a little nervous, thinking I might make it through unscathed. So, of course, I started tightening up – but I couldn’t tell if it was the nerves, fatigue or the injury!

I had a nice long stretch after and everything feels OK. If (IF!) I still feel loose tomorrow, I might have a bit of fun at a 2 hour rogaine. I’ve never done one of these before! Apparently it’s only 11 km or so (as long as you don’t get too lost!) so I should be able to listen to my legs and mix-up the running and walking.

Think I’ve had more comebacks than Lance now…

Welcome Back Kotter!

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1 Response to The Nervous Comeback Run

  1. idreamofkona says:

    6km’s an encouraging start! Hope the rogaining went well, sounds like fun!

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