You know you’re in a slump when…

slump [slʌmp]
1. a sudden or marked decline or failure, as in progress or achievement; collapse

You know you’re in a slump when:

  • You’re injured. How could you not be in a slump after getting injured? Hand-in-hand I’m afraid!
  • You stop doing core exercises.
  • You stop recording extra data (weight, num hours sleep, etc).
  • You skip your long run/ride.
  • You miss a few sessions.
  • You stop loading workouts into computer ASAP.
  • You stop staring at the PMC obsessively. In fact, you stop looking at all!
  • You buy some alcohol for the first time in ages…
  • You drink afore mentioned alcohol…
  • You consider buying more alcohol!
  • You find yourself sitting down watching TV for the first time in ages.
  • You head out for a 3-4 hour ride and you’re back home in 2.
  • You feel very flat on a ride and can’t push the pace.
  • A package arrives from Wiggle and it sits unopened on your desk for days!!

Once I notice a few of these symptoms, I go into “CTL preservation mode”. I try to minimise the damage to my fitness and focus on what I can do. The PMC is very useful here (although a little depressing!)

Slump Damage Control

I try to:

  • ride easy and short, as often as possible (daily is good)
  • swim every 2nd day (apart from weekends where I can never get out)
  • do core exercises every day I don’t swim – these make me feel good
  • be aware of what I eat

I know it’ll be over in a week or two, and then I’ll be back with a surge of motivation! Ripper!!

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3 Responses to You know you’re in a slump when…

  1. sarahbutcher says:

    Oooh. Good points. I was wondering how to get out of my shock with returning to the cold. Have started the riding and core and eating point. Now to add swimming. Thank you!!!! The only way out of the slump is up 🙂

  2. idreamofkona says:

    For me it’s time to be concerned when a colleague asks “Are you trying to eat the whole of the biscuit drawer this afternoon”.

    Great anti-slump strategy though, hope it works…

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