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How should I pace my return-from-injury race?

It looks like I might be able to run – possibly the whole half marathon. Only a week ago I was telling myself that my goal now was just to finish. But wait! If I can run… OH NO! The … Continue reading

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The Nervous Comeback Run

I just ran the 30 min don’t-stray-far-from-home, I-hope-my-injury-doesn’t-reappear run. And survived! What a nervous time these comeback runs are! I’ve had a few false starts over the past 3 weeks, with one 6km run only lasting 600m! After aggravating the … Continue reading

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You know you’re in a slump when…

slump [slʌmp] n 1. a sudden or marked decline or failure, as in progress or achievement; collapse You know you’re in a slump when: You’re injured. How could you not be in a slump after getting injured? Hand-in-hand I’m afraid! … Continue reading

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Surviving an Injury

It’s now two and a half weeks since I tore my right calf muscle. I still can’t run and the my target race (the Gold Coast Half Marathon) is less than three weeks away. And, I’m worried! I’m not worried … Continue reading

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The Dark Times

When I first started this blog, I fully intended to write an open, honest account about both the good times and the bad, the ups AND the downs. That’s turned out to be pretty hard. For starters, it turns out … Continue reading

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