Don’t Cry over Lost Training Data

Geez my calves are killing me tonight. I’m paying the price for some insanely fast intervals on the track today. Scorching!

Roadrunner Running 5-12-03 new 7-03.png

“How fast is insanely fast?” you might ask.

Sadly, I have no bloody idea! My ever reliable Garmin 310XT (you might be picking up some sarcasm there) has decided to keep that information to itself and is crying “Bad data!” when I try to upload the files. Is it possible that I ran so fast that I covered the distance in 0 seconds and caused a divide by zero error? Could this be the reason? It’s hard to say for sure, but I was pretty speedy!

Losing training data really annoys me. I’m tempted to cancel a training session if I’ve forgotten my Garmin (tempted, but haven’t actually done that yet!) The week my PowerTap batteries failed is like a glitch in the matrix – did that week happen at all?

Some athletes train so that they can RACE faster. I train so I can TRAIN faster.

I only get out for a few races every year – so race PBs are hard to come by. But I train every single day, and each one of those sessions is an opportunity to get a PB of some sort: fastest 100m, 200, 500m etc in the pool, lowest stroke count for 50m, quickest time round my local 6km run, lowest HR for a given pace, highest cadence in bike spin intervals, fastest time up Springbrook, highest 5sec wattage away from the lights.

Today I was having a crack at my CP15sec and CP30sec – my fastest average run speed over 15 and 30 seconds. During my long run a couple of days earlier I tried to chase some ITU pros and topped out at around 3:10 min/km. Today I was hoping to get under 3:00 min/km.

And maybe I did? Alas, I’ll never know!

The session was 10 x 30sec fast with a 30 sec jog recovery between each. This is straight out of Pat Carroll’s Gold Coast Marathon Training Diary. I’m using the Half Marathon Intermediate Guide which gives me 4 sessions a week. I used it in 2008 and went 1:33. Going sub 1:30 at the Gold Coast Half Marathon is my next challenge, and it’s only 12 weeks away!

I headed to the grass track at Pizzey Park, 4 lanes out from the inside to avoid wear. It was hot. Still. FAST! I was using the Garmin’s interval mode which does a series of beeps at the start of the interval and then some more beeps again at the end. I never needed to look at the watch. If I’d even glanced down I would have seen my current pace and at least had some idea of how fast I was running. I certainly covered 100m, and perhaps halfway around the bend? 150m in 30 sec – that’s 200sec per km, or 3:20min/km. Total guesswork. Nevermind.


If I stick with the GC diary I’ll get to do the same 10 x30sec session again in 4 weeks. Or I could pop out during the rest week next week and do it… But will I trust the Garmin’s interval mode? Or will I also take the Polar on my other wrist (and then the 2nd footpod and 2nd HR strap). Or perhaps some other combination of toys?


I’m so technology’s bitch!

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2 Responses to Don’t Cry over Lost Training Data

  1. idreamofkona says:

    It’s tough getting hung up on training data – I’m similar, and once my 310 had a moment in a race at Half IronMan it compeletly knocked my strategy… that’s my excuse anyway!

  2. jontsnz says:

    That’d be a double blow – loss of your pacing tool, AND no data to analyse afterwards! Aarrgh! I’d struggle with that!

    I guess it wouldn’t hurt to to do the odd training session with the screen of your watch covered to see how close you can judge race pace by ‘feel’. But with the adrenaline (and other competitors to key off) in a race, I expect that ‘feel’ wouldn’t be too accurate; particularly the first 10 mins of each leg.

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