Wanted: Passion

Race Schedule for 2011

These are the races I’m thinking of doing during the remainder of 2011.

  • May 07 - Byron Bay Olympic Triathlon - C race - Goal: fun!
  • Jul 03 - Gold Coast Half Marathon - B race - Goal: sub 1:30
  • Oct 02 - Gold Coast Half Ironman - C race - Goal: sub 5:00
  • Oct 30 - Noosa Olympic Triathlon - B race - Goal: PB (sub 2:18)

Nothing exciting there. No A races. No new events or new distances. The sub-1:30 marathon and the sub 5 hr half-ironman will be challenging, but still they don’t get me buzzing. This is the problem with doing an Ironman (or any larger than life goal) – once you’ve done it, everything else becomes mundane!

I need something new, something different…

Goodbye Ironman. Hello…?

The Ironman was on the bucket list. What other endurance events might be on that list?

With four young kids at home, most of these are out of reach for a few years. Some of the tramps can be done with the kids once they get older. Others require weeks or months and will have to wait till the kids are much older.

Walking, Hiking and Mountain Biking

Looking at this list, my passions are walking, hiking and mountain biking – got a nice rhythm that! (Strangely, there are no triathlon events on this list!). I need to start looking for more of these kind of events closer to home.

Last weekend I climbed Mt Warning with my brother, Tom, and it was bloody awesome! It was a real reminder that while I get a buzz from exercising – I get an even bigger buzz if it takes me somewhere scenic and new. Three years of swim/bike/run with a focus on building fitness and getting faster have hidden that joy from me. I’ve ridden entirely on-road over a lot of the same routes, and run a lot of the same tracks. It’s time to start exploring again and seize the joy back!

View east from Mt Warning

But I have to be practical too. Exploring takes up a lot more time that just ducking out for a quick run. I can’t be constantly driving out to remote forest reserves and MTB parks. But maybe I can manage it once a fortnight? A fortnightly adventure!

And I can start dragging the kids out for some bush walks (after a quick refresher on snake bites, leeches, and ticks – gotta love the Australian bush!)

Let’s see what some outdoor adventure does for the passion-levels!

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