Ironman NZ – Reliving the Glory

I figured that since I’d sold my firstborn to buy my race photos, I’d better do something with them. So here they are:

Swim exit

Out of the swim. Note the “Here is my race number” pose? This is how to make sure you get your swim-exit photos! SIGH. My debut race, yet so onto it. This was the first indication of the awesomeness to come. Also, possibly the only time I’ve ever managed to raise just one eyebrow. Completing the Ironman kinda pales into insignificance really…


Cornering in the rain. Actually, I just wanted to show off the flash new helmet they made me buy because my one was cracked! Alert readers will recognise the IMTalk jersey which I didn’t get to show off due to the rain.


Tongue action. Look, it was so wet that I had to concentrate even on the straight roads! Two fingers on the rear brake this time – disappointed I didn’t have at least one on the front. Further proof that I can take it up another level!


Dancing girls. Yeah, that’s the first thing I noticed in this photo too! Shame I didn’t notice them on the day. End of the first lap and I was hurting bad from the stitch about now – not that I can tell from this photo. Clearly I cry on the inside…


I won! That’s right. You thought Cameron Brown won Ironman New Zealand 2011 didn’t you? Well, if you look close you can see him despairing behind me as I crossed the line for my first Ironman victory. See, I’ve even got the “I am number 1” fingers going and all (my sponsors got really mad at me for not holding the tape above my head though).

Could I also be the first guy anywhere in the world to win an Ironman – in a rain jacket?


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