Ironman done – What’s next?

In my last post, I concluded that with more of the same training I might be able to get close to sub 11 hours, and with even more dedication and commitment sub 10 hours might be doable. But to get there, I’d need to commit time. Lots and lots of precious time.


I need to sit back and have a bit of a think. What are my priorities? Would I like to beat my Ironman time? YES. Would I like to spend time with my young kids as they grow up? YES. Would I like to secure my financial future? YES.

Unfortunately, as I’ve found over the past 20 weeks, I can’t do all of these successfully at once. 12 hrs training per week, with a full-time job and a young family, meant that quite a few things got put on hold. These things now need to get done. And I need to make time for thinking, make time for relaxing, and make time for lovin’!

Right now I don’t want to invest the same amount of time training – let alone more time! Perhaps I’ll revisit this once the kids are all at school? That’s 5 years away.

Unfinished Business?

I’m OK to be a “one and done” Ironman. By doing a sub 4 hour run, and sneaking under the 12 hour overall time, I have no unfinished business in Ironman. The reason I’d race again is to see how much I can improve my time. I’d want to train harder, to target a fast course, and see just how far I can lower it. For me, the challenge of completing an Ironman is gone – the new challenge becomes seeing how fast I can get!

I’m already in that same position with Olympic distance racing. I’ve done four races – each faster than the previous. With each race there is a little bit of pressure for it to be better than the last. But Olympic races aren’t such a big commitment – less training is required and there are quite a few races on the calendar each year; a failure can be quickly forgotten by succeeding a month later. I can probably only do 1 or 2 Ironman races per year (if I can even get an entry before they sell out!), and entry fees are high and travel often required. You have a lot more invested in an Ironman. The stakes are higher. Your season might hinge on one race. I’d hate to bust my gut all day and deliver a 12 hour time, and then be disappointed.

Goodbye Ironman!

It’s time for me to go short again.

The original reason to do this Ironman was to have a break from the short, sharp stuff and get my calf sorted. Well, the calf is pretty good, and I feel like I know how to manage it now. I need to spend a few weeks getting this hamstring sorted and then start hitting the intervals sessions. After all, Byron Bay Triathlon is only 8 weeks away!

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