Ironman NZ – 2 Weeks To Go

Summary of Week 3 : TAPER (1st of 3)
Training Hours: 13:07 (Swim 0:28, Bike 9:18, Run 3:21) checkmark2.jpeg
Training Stress: 799
CTL Ramp Rate: + 1.2 (to 109.6)

ctl 2 weeks to go.jpg

Well, this is a week late, but better late than never right? After being sans laptop for almost three weeks, the verdict finally came in that the old one was kaput. So I bit the bullet and got a new one…then proceeded to spend days reinstalling everything. Finally, I’m back!

The Highlights

  • Big bike week. After last weeks crash and the analysis revealing my bike fitness was lower than I’d hoped, I decided to hammer the bike this week – and I did! This was tempered slightly by a tight right hamstring which hindered me when going onto the aerobars, but didn’t hurt at all climbing the Springbrook ‘Best of All’ Lookout (1600m ascent).


  • Can’t swim – at all! I had three swims lined up this week. I pulled out of the first one after 700m because my left shoulder didn’t feel quite right. I haven’t touched the water since. I rested the shoulder, but it became worse rather than better. It turned into a sharp chest pain that hurt when I breathed deeply. I was a bit worried it might be some kind of heart problem (no-one wants a heart problem heading into an Ironman right?) but a quick doctor visit pointed to a pectoral muscle problem. Physio lined up for next Monday with a view to getting the right hammie cleared up too.

Coming Up?

Week 2. More taper. Only 13 days till race day!

Total training planned : 9 hours.

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