Ironman NZ – 5 Weeks To Go

Summary of Week 6 : BASE 3 (Week 3 of 5)
Training Hours: 18:25 (Swim 2:36, Bike 11:16, Run 4:33) checkmark2.jpeg
Training Stress: 1072
CTL Ramp Rate: + 8.6 (to 107)
Distance: Swim 8 km, Bike 269 km, Run 51km

CTL with 5 wks to go

The Highlights

  • Biggest … Ever Biggest week of training ever (18.5 hours). Furthest run ever (33km). Most climbing in a ride ever (2600m). Longest road ride ever (6.75 hours) – the 11.5 hour mountain bike ride/push/bush bash/bike-carry-up-cliff Reikorangi loop via the Akatarawas, Otaki Forks and Mangaone still takes the honours for longest ride ever! Just a stupid week in so many ways. It really confirms to me that Ironman IS insanity!
  • Booked. Flights – Booked. Accommodation – Booked. Visit with the olds – Booked. It’s taking shape…


  • No Time. Lots of great thoughts and ideas this week but no time to write them down…and then lost in the fog of my mind – which has been exceptionally foggy this week. A classic example was me trying to fill the baby’s formula bottles with sports-drink powder!?! – “Just Do It, Roxi!”
  • Broken Bike My epic ride on Sunday turned out to be epic, but not the way I expected. My body coped considerably better than the bike, which fell apart around me as the ride progressed.

    It started innocently with a broken spoke (on a downhill!?) 90 mins into the first of my two 3.5 hour loops. The wheel buckled to the point that it was stuck against the frame. Luckily I had my tools with me and was able to MacGyver the adjacent spokes and get it sort-of straight, and then back off the brakes enough that I could spin the wheel and get it home.


    (Lots of lights – on the frame, the top of the helmet, back of the helmet, seatpost and 900 Lumen Exposure Diablo on the bars. Gotta give the drugged out, drunk, disqualified drivers a chance to see you at 3:30am on the Gold Coast!)

    By the time I got home (two hours later) I had renewed faith in the bike and decided to head back out for the 2nd loop.

    90 mins into the second loop, the easy gears started skipping. Then I couldn’t change into them. Then the power meter stopped reading. Push on, push on. Then, on the final climb, trying to empty the tank, the freewheel died – the pedals and the rear wheel decided they had to move in unison or not at all! (you wouldn’t think you need to freewheel UP a hill, but apparently I do!)

    I had to turn and head for home. It was a bit disappointing – it robbed me of my 4th ascent of Springbrook that day, robbed me of the 150km, and possibly robbed me of 3,000m of climbing (I got to 2,600m).

    4x spring elevation.png

    So I had to ride all the way back down the hill pedalling frantically to keep up, and then, with all the easy gears gone, grind my way home in the big gears. Nice!

    When I got home I found that part of the broken spoke had wrapped itself around the cassette. Whoops! Should have picked that up! I changed the cassette and chain and noticed the cassette body was pretty notched up!

    cassette body.png

    I figured this must be due to my awesome power… A quick Google revealed that this is a common issue with PowerTap hubs and I’d better get used to it. Sigh.

    Well, at least the bike is now in the shop now getting a pre-race checkup that i might never have gotten around to otherwise.

Coming Up?

Week 5. This is the last of my big weeks. Thank goodness – even my tax returns are backing up! After this one, it’s all Sharpen and Rest.
Total training planned : 20 hours.

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