Ironman NZ – 6 Weeks To Go

Summary of Week 7 : BASE 3 – Second Week of Five
Training Hours: 8:12 (Swim 1:55, Bike 1:33, Run 4:44) xmark
Training Stress: 571
CTL Ramp Rate: – 3.0 (to 98.4)
Distance: Swim 5.5 km, Bike 47 km, Run 55km

CTL with 6 weeks to go

The Highlights

  • Ummm…. I got lots of rest?
  • Longest run ever. I edged my longest ever run out by 1km to 31.2km. I can’t say that it was a highlight though. More of a sufferfest….


  • Derailed? Unfortunately this week, reality got in the way of my plans for a massive 17 hour week. I managed only half of it.


    Firstly, I got a bit of man-flu early in the week which saw me out of action for two days. I suspect that my body had tried to get me to take a rest by presenting feelings of being underpowered and tired. After I ignored these feelings for two weeks and kept training, my body took it to the next level and threw in some snuffles, a runny nose and headaches. I finally took the hint and gave it two days off.

    Secondly, I (rather stupidly) had a massive day out on the Saturday before my big ride. I finally got home at 11:30pm having done no preparation for my 4am ride the next morning. I set the alarm but I knew it wasn’t going to happen. The highlight of Sunday were the several hours of grumpy sulks I performed. Embarrassing really! Lesson learned though: a quiet night is required before a big/early ride!

    In the end this was a rest week that my body needed. Looking at the fitness chart above it just looks like normal training periodisation! (3 weeks hard, 1 week easy). The break should leave me in good shape to really hammer my last two big weeks!

  • Logistics. I should really have organised my flights and sorted the arrangements for our kids by now. Whoops! At least I’ve got accommodation booked!
  • Over it! The challenge of getting the training done was fun for a while. I think I’m over it now! The constant 1.5-2hrs of training every single day is losing it’s gloss! I’m dreaming of sleep-ins and optional sessions after March 5!

Coming Up?

Week 6. This is the third week of my 5 week BASE3 training block. I have two big rides left in the training plan. 7 hours this week with lots of hills, and then 8 hours/180km+ the next week. Even more daunting is Fridays 3 hour run. I’m really learning to hate these long runs! Things always get ugly at around the two hour mark. I might up my food and drink to see if that helps. SCARY!
Total training planned : 18.5 hours.

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