BASE 3 – What’s in Store?

I’ve just started the BASE 3 training block for Ironman New Zealand. BASE3 is a five week block that covers Week 8 through to Week 4; it delivers me three weeks out from the race. After this block it’s pretty much time to taper. This is the biggest, hardest, toughest, longest, stupidest block of training that I’ll do for IMNZ.

The out-of-the-box beginner training plan shows BASE3 has weekly volumes of 14,16,17,18 and 10 hours. Each week has a long run (building to 3 hours), and a long ride (building to 6 hours). I’m hoping to build my long ride to 8 hours, so I should be out there another 2 hours longer than the out-of-the-box plan. That means a 20 hour week – YIKES! (that’s like a part-time job, except jobs pay money instead of consuming it!).

Take a look at the PMC graph for the out-of-the-box plan (as applied to me) – I’ve modified my original graph to highlight the BASE3 block:

PMC out-of-box-v3.jpg

You can clearly see where the red and green lines spike as the big runs and bikes kick in. By the end of this block I’ll be as fit as I’m going to get for IMNZ. This month is going to get UGLY!

Sidenote: “To whoever finds this, if I don’t make it through, I’ve left a key to a safe deposit box containing all of my secret training logs and threshold calculations in an envelope under the mattress…”

I’ve also indicated on here where my actual CTL (fitness) values are (with pretty stars): my run fitness is spot on, my swim fitness is a little down, and my bike fitness is about 8 points up (YIPPEE! it’s good to see all those longer rides have paid off)!

That means I’m on track!! (on track for something – I still don’t know what a 44 Bike CTL, a 37 Run CTL and an 18 swim CTL will translate to on race day… hopefully under my sub 13 hours target time!).

You can also see that the Training Stress Balance (TSB) hits -25 a few times for the run, and -35 for the bike. Lots of fatigue! I’d better tell the wife. Looks like I’m going to be even grumpier than usual! (Anyone recognise the Grumpy Old Troll?)


Oh hang on, she can already tell!

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1 Response to BASE 3 – What’s in Store?

  1. jontsnz says:

    Sorry, I had to modify this post after reviewing it, 24 hours after I first posted it. I’d used the actual PMC graph rather than the predicted PMC graph. No surprise with the actual PMC graph that I was right on target! With the predicted PMC graph (that is there now) you can clearly see that my bike is up and my swim is down.

    It turns out, despite popular opinion, I’m not perfect!

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