Ironman NZ – 9 Weeks To Go

Summary of Week 10 : BASE 2 Swim Focus Week
Training Hours: 14:54 (Swim 5:17, Bike 5:35, Run 4:03)
Training Stress: 999
Distance: Swim 15.6 km, Bike 157 km, Run 47km

9wks to go.jpg

The Highlights

  • Biggest week so far. It’s nice to follow up my Worst Week Ever with my Best Week Ever! (well, not the biggest number of hours, but the highest TSS ever, which means I went pretty hard). The black worm (in the graph above) has turned! In fact, this has been a week for PBs – my longest individual run of 30km (up from 28km) and my longest swim week of 15.6km (up from 9.9km).
  • A Race, and some Pace! triathlon_logo.pngOn Friday Surfers Paradise Tri Club (SPTC) held an Enduro Triathlon: a 300m swim, a 9km bike and a 3km run repeated three times back to back (gory details here). Doing something like this is almost impossible on your own as you’d have to leave your bike, running shoes, house keys etc lying around by the lake while you swim. I had the best intentions of taking it easy and using it as endurance training. But after coming out of the first swim at the back of the field (you know I can’t swim right?), I soon found myself passing people and before I knew it I was at full speed trying to catch as many as I could. And once you start passing, you can’t slow down and let them take you back (that would be like admitting you went too hard and blew up!). So I drilled it the whole way. I was really pleased to average 4min/km over the entire 9km of running as I haven’t done any speedwork since August. But I do need to work on my transitions – several times I passed someone on the bike, only to have to pass them again on the run.


  • YoYo. My fitness graph is leaving a trail like a drunk on a beach. A concerning (amusing?) trend of good week/bad week is starting to appear. That’s easily fixed by having a good week this week…but then I always intend to do all of the sessions at the start of each week… INTENTION + COMMITMENT + DRIVE + more hot air from a motivational book… Nike have it right!
  • Niggles. Dodgy left ankle, tight calves, sore top of right foot… All just little niggles that require careful scheduling and recovery to avoid further aggravation. Hopefully I can manage them for the next 9 weeks and then give them a decent break to come right. The physio is still trying to tee up a cortisone shot for my ankle which I am a little nervous about. It seems a bit like taking Panadol for a headache: it’ll fix the symptoms for a while but it won’t prevent it from coming back again.

Coming Up?

Week 9. This is supposed to be the Recovery Week to end my BASE2 training block. I’ll do the same as I’ve done in previous ‘Recovery’ weeks and stick to the planned swim and run volume, but throw in some extra bike. In fact, I feel the need for a BIG ride – I’m nine weeks away from race day and still haven’t gone over 120km. Remember, I need to be able to ride 180km with enough energy left to run a marathon (INSANE!). I’ve added a 5hr ride for Sunday which will probably be a hilly 120km with a Time Trial up Springbrook to see if I’m improving. I’ll have to build this ride up over the month to 6,7,8+ hours. Total training planned : 14 hours.

Photo of the Week

Due to popular demand, I’ve reinstated the photo of the week section (ie. I actually took ANOTHER photo!)

Flooding in Talle Valley

Tallebudgera Valley was in stunning form this morning with mist-shrouded peaks, lush green hillsides and the spatter of giant raindrops under the trees. I couldn’t quite get to the end of the road as this ford was still suffering from the Big Wet of the last month.

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