Ironman NZ – 10 Weeks To Go

Summary of Week 11 : BASE 2 Run Focus Week
Training Hours: 6:44 (Swim 0:00, Bike 1:30, Run 5:15)
Training Stress: 503
Distance: Swim 0 km, Bike 43 km, Run 62km

10wks to go

The Highlights

  • Lotsa running. 62km is a new hi-score for a running week (up from 58km) – but it could have been better! I delayed the Sunday 2.5hr run till Monday – that would have been 30km more for the week! I did actually manage the 92km in 7 days (Tuesday to Monday) which shows how arbitrary the calendar week PB is. If I took the best over a rolling 7-day period these hi-scores would be quite different. Nevermind, a weekly hi-score is still a good motivator!
  • Food and holidays. We had a great week in Mooloolaba with tasty food and a swim in the beach and pool with the kids every morning (followed by lots of coffee). We are back home now but I’m still trying to get the kids to the beach for a daily swim (cyclone-permitting).


  • Worst week ever. As predicted, Christmas holidays were a very hard time to exercise without compromising family fun time! I didn’t swim at all (unless building sand castles at the beach counts as swim training?) and the bike stayed home. 6.5 hours looks pretty bad on the graph, but to be honest, the 5 hours of running made it feel like one of the toughest weeks in the training plan so far! I shake my head in wonder when I contemplate that I have to run a marathon!
  • Crappy weather. Rain, Rain, RAIN! C’mon, this is Queensland, AUSTRALIA for heavens sake! What’s with this day after day of rain? My bike is rusting! My shoes are sodden. I can’t get my towels dry. It’s been an unbelievable stretch of bad weather culminating in “Cyclone Tasha”. It’s one of those stretches that usually happen when someone comes to visit: “Gee, it’s normally hot and sunny…” It’s probably good practice for racing in New Zealand… 😉 I do feel for the poor buggers inland who’ve been getting really hammered.

    Here’s the last 24 hours (we’re pretty close to Miami on this pic):


Coming Up?

Week 10. This is the third week of my BASE2 training block. This week is swim focus week: 6 swim in 6 days! After a quiet week last week, I’ve planned a HUGE week. I’ve already done the 2.5 hour catch-up run from last week, plus I’ve added in 4 hours of biking that weren’t on the original plan – I really want to get the bike fitness climbing again. I want my bike fitness to be double my run fitness and when I was at school 40 wasn’t the double of 34! I just need to do a whole lotta riding, which is essentially Ironman, which essentially sucks!

Total training planned : 17 hours.

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