Ironman NZ – 11 Weeks To Go

Summary of Week 12 : BASE 2 Bike Focus Week
Training Hours: 13:54 (Swim 1:55, Bike 10:41, Run 1:18)
Training Stress: 811
Distance: Swim 5 km, Bike 306 km, Run 16km

ctl 11 weeks to go shadow.jpg

The Highlights

  • Epic bike week. Lots of rides, lots of miles, lots of chamois cream! The plan was for a daunting 5 rides and 11 hours – and I did them all! Sweet! Look at the green worm go on the fitness chart to the right! “Go green, GO GREEN!” (this is what our 2-yr old chants at the traffic lights!)
  • Tonne #3. This is the first time I’ve backed up a long ride with another one the following weekend. And it is the third 100km ride.


  • Ankle schmankle. What a pain in the butt this ankle is turning out to be! I had an MRI on Monday which showed no stress fracture and revealed that the ligaments are fatter than usual (due to multiple ankle sprains playing indoor netball and soccer). The physio reckons a shot of cortisone into the ligament will clear it up, but that is proving difficult to arrange this close to Xmas. Meanwhile if I run the pain increases and it hangs around for days. So I don’t run. Incredibly, in just 2 slack weeks, my run fitness has dropped back to where it started! But at least I’ve forgotten all about my glass calves!
  • Xmas holidays. The Christmas holidays will be a hard time to train, and an even harder time to eat sensibly. Sounds like a challenge! Merry Xmas!

Personal Bests (PBs) Update!

Back in June I was looking forward to knocking off all of my PBs. While my biggest weeks are still ahead of me, how have I gone so far?

Swim Bike Run
Longest Week (distance) 9.9km (unchanged) 324km (unchanged) 58km (+6km)
Longest Individual Session (distance) 5.0km (unchanged) 126km (unchanged) 28km (unchanged)

Coming Up?

Week 11. This is the second week of my BASE2 training block. Before the ankle injury the plan was to have a run focus over the holidays because it is easier to get out for a run. There’s 7.5 hours of running planned this week! IF it comes off it’ll undo two weeks of no running. I’m going to give it a nudge (physio approval pending). But when my leg falls off I’ll probably switch to a swim-focus week.

Total training planned : 14 hours.

Note: I’ve added the planned training hours to the fitness graph above so you can not only see how many hours are planned per sport, but also the predicted fitness that will result. Super-geeky! Now if I can just teach the chart to race I won’t even need to train….!

Photo of the Week (ie. I actually took a photo, and now I need an excuse to put it in!)
Little Nerang Dam

Little Nerang Dam was a surprise discovery – a beautiful area – but impossible to get a picture of the actual dam!

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