Ironman NZ – 12 Weeks To Go

Summary of Week 13 : Base 1 Recovery Week
Training Hours: 10:12 (Swim 3:05, Bike 6:34, Run 0:34)
Training Stress: 529
Distance: Swim 9 km, Bike 183 km, Run 7km

ctl progress week 13.png

The Highlights

  • Peaks and troughs. I battled my way out of a slump. Motivation was at an all time low with my ankle issues and I missed more sessions than I hit. A few tears were shed on Sunday morning (I cry on the inside) before I slapped some sense into myself and dragged my butt out for my long ride, which turned out to be a cracker!
  • Another tonne. I absolutely nailed my 100km ride through Kingscliff and Terranora, taking 20 mins off my previous best time. That’s my second 100km ride – it’s almost time to go longer!
  • Pull buoys. All my swimming for the past fortnight have been with a pull-buoy and no kicking (because of the ankle mystery). I’ve set PBs in my 1km and 600m times – and I was wearing a rashie for the 1km swim! (Obviously my legs are more like anchors than flippers). But I can really feel the arm strength coming on – I even managed my first Iron distance swim (3.8km) of the program!


  • Worst running week! After posting my biggest run week all year last week, I’ve followed it up with a single 30 min run this week! The ankle was excruciatingly painful after this single run so I couldn’t manage anything for the rest of the week. I had an MRI today and the initial prognosis was good (no stress fracture, ligaments are intact) so I can run “as pain allows”. A cortisone shot could be on the cards. I’m a little wary of cortisone shots after reading how another Ironman NZ hopeful reacted to cortisone!

    You can see from the graph above that the lack of running has caused my overall fitness to nosedive. I’ll be looking to cautiously pick it back up a little now.

Coming Up?

Week 12. This is the first week of my BASE2 training block. The three weeks in this block each have a different focus – swim, bike or run. I’ve swapped the plan around so that this is my BIKE week and I can do the RUN week while I am away on Xmas holidays. 11 hours (600 TSS) on the bike. Giddy-up!

Total training planned : 15 hours.

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