Ironman NZ – 13 Weeks To Go

Summary of Week 14
Training Hours: 9:30 (Swim 1:21, Bike 3:31, Run 4:38)
Distance: Swim 4 km, Bike 101 km, Run 58km
Weight: 70.5ish kg (better)
Sleep: (unknown)
Core Work: 1 time (double meh!)

week 14 ctl progress

The Highlights

  • Biggest run week all year and the calf has been A-OK! I’d better tone it down next week before I do something stupid and stuff my calf again. But a good sign!


  • Got an ankle injury sometime on Sunday night prior to this week and have carried it through the week. This meant I missed my first Iron-distance swim on Monday. The physio’s diagnosis of inflamed tendons feels right (a stress fracture was mentioned at one stage!). The strapping is off but it still isn’t 100%; I’m not sure how long before I can ride hills and kick in the pool again. I’m torn between resting it to get it fully healed, and pushing on for a big week. I might revisit the physio and take the expert’s advice on this one.
  • Rain, rain and more RAIN! It’s been a bloody wet week, culminating in a downpour of biblical proportions on the Sunday. Apart from me having to oil my chain after every ride (bike maintenance is noteworthy because I never do it!), I ended up missing my long ride on Sunday. This is one of the peril of having my long ride on the last day of the week – even if I make it up the next day, my “week” has suddenly dropped from 14 to 10 hours. And my bike CTL (in green on the chart above) has taken a nose drive! Oh well, I guess it did end up being a recovery week after all!
    Plenty more rain is forecast for this week too. Fun, fun!

    Flooding on the Gold Coast

  • Got lazy on recording stats this week. After diligently recording sleep hours, number of stretches, ankle exercises etc for the last six weeks, I just stopped recording this week. I might not start it again either. It was a hassle and I’m not sure it provides any value.
  • Sniper on my bike route? Yep, you read it right. I couldn’t do my catch-up ride on Sunday night as police were still searching for the sniper who randomly shot someone on the esplanade from a high-rise. It’s hard not to bitch on about modern society when things like this happen! Coupled with the road rage shooting from an hour earlier, it does make me wonder about raising my 4 kids in this town.

    Oh great! I was just checking the local paper to get a link for this post and discovered that there was a third shooting last night while I was out running. 900m from where I was running! Ummm…

Coming Up?

Week 13. The original training plan has this as the recovery week to end my BASE1 training block. I’m definitely going to do recovery on the run side, but will wait for the physio’s advice before deciding if I should make up the missed 4km swim and long ride from last week. Total training: 8-14 hours.

This week 4 CTL points on the bike equates to 425 TSS – down from last week! (SOB, I actually LOST bike fitness last week).

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