Ironman NZ – 14 Weeks To Go

Summary of Week 15
Training Hours: 14:26 (Swim 3:08, Bike 8:04, Run 3:14)
Distance: Swim 9 km, Bike 216 km, Run 40km
Weight: 71ish kg (worse)
Sleep: 5.8 hrs/night (same – not enough!!)
Core Work: 1 time (meh!)

Week 15 ctl progress

The Highlights

  • Loving the long rides! Now that I’m riding over 100km, it’s opened up a whole bunch of interesting new roads. This week saw my first visit to Tanglewood and Clothiers Creek with some pretty cool swampy forests lining the road. Mooball, Uki, Binna Burra and O’Reilly are all on my ToDo list! I do all of my route planning with Google Maps. I use the Terrain View to find the hills, and then the Street View to ensure that the roads exist (there are quite a few non-existant roads in Google Maps such as the link road between Tallebudgera Valley and Springbrook, or Glengarrie Road up to Tomewin) and to check that the roads are sealed!
  • Kindness from a stranger. I got a puncture on the summit of Tomewin, 3.5 hours into my ride. I’d changed my tyre and was pumping it up with my feeble hand pump, when a good samaritan on a moped kindly lent me his floor pump. That kept me smiling for the rest of the ride!
  • Protecting the key sessions. I’m starting to figure it out. On Saturday I had a 45 min run scheduled but my calves were not happy. Sunday morning was to be a long ride followed by my first brick run. The long Sunday ride is one of my key sessions that I want to hit every week. In the past I would have done the 45 min run and possibly rooted my chances of doing the Sunday ride/run. This time, I skipped the run and took a total rest day on Saturday. Sunday went ahead as planned. Nice!


  • yoda-patience.jpegToo much intensity! I did too many long, intensive sessions early in the week (notably Sundays 100km at half ironman pace) and it left me feeling weak and flat. As a result, the rest of the week saw me doing half-assed efforts because I just couldn’t be stuffed. There’s no reason for me to be pushing the effort 15 weeks out from the race (apart from the fun-factor of course!). The point of my training right now is to prepare my body for the race intensity training I need to do in the last 6-8 weeks. Patience is required! On the upside, I’m learning that recovery is very important and something that I need to plan for if I don’t want to start missing sessions. For example, there’s no point postponing sessions and stacking them into the last half of the week if that is going to leave me so shagged that I bomb out the next week!
  • Busy, busy Xmas time. The calendar is starting to really fill up with Xmas activities. One of the joys of kids is an endless stream of Xmas concerts, plays, break-up parties etc. And they all seem to be scheduled over the weekend, right in the middle of the long ride! And Xmas holidays are coming up too – how will that impact my training? I might ditch the planned recovery week next week because there could be an unplanned one over Xmas!

Coming Up?

Week 14. The is the third and biggest week of my ‘Base 1’ training block. There are four rides and four runs but I have full-on kiddie commitments on the weekend so the long ride might be done midweek and a run might get dropped! Total training: 16.5 hours.

This week 4 CTL points on the bike equates to 439 TSS. With typically 220 TSS from my long ride and 120 from my hills reps, I need to push the third ride a bit harder, probably via SST intervals (Sweet Spot Training – about 88% of FTP – or 233W)

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