Ironman NZ – 15 Weeks To Go

Summary of Week 17
Training Hours: 10:28 (Swim 1:50, Bike 5:07, Run 3:31)
Distance: Swim 5 km, Bike 143 km, Run 41km
Weight: 70.5ish kg (better)
Sleep: 5.9 hrs/night (less)
Core Work: 3 times

ctl progress 15 weeks

The Highlights

  • On Sunday I did my long ride over a 21km loop course. The loop course was a great way to see how my fitness was holding up as the laps got slower and the power dropped for the same heart rate. I held 80% of my max heart rate over 100km (my half ironman pace), and ended up hitting new power PBs from 1h50min up to 3h50mins!
  • I completed my first century ride of the 20 week training block. I’m sure there’ll be a few more. In theory I’m going to ride 200km at least twice before the big day! (never been over 160km before).
  • I did the Critical Swim Speed tests (a 400m and 200m time trail) and came up with a CSS of 1:45/100. I’m not sure what that really means as my last 2km speed was 1:52/100. Still, it’s a number that can motivate me and it is far easier to test CSS than swim the 2km TT!
  • I finally ran with some pace and survived! I’ve been dialling down intensity for so long (to protect my calf) that when I ran for a hour at 4:30min/km it was the fastest 60mins I’ve done in over 12 months! Hopefully this means I can slowly bring back some speed work and hilly runs now.


  • I’ve noticed that when I miss a session, it is always on the bike – the bike is the first to falter! I missed one ride this week and cut another short. Why? Swims are short and painless, runs are easy to sneak in (rain or shine), but a ride requires a bit of preparation and is invariably long. The bike is still my main weakness (of the three weaknesses I have!). I need to prioritise my rides – if I think a session is going to be missed then miss the run or the swim!
  • I spent two days solo parenting this week – quite a task with four young children including an 8 week old baby. The two days alone with the kids was actually great fun, but it took more out of me than I thought. I had planned to get straight back into training as soon as my wife returned but I was pretty tired (both sleepy and mentally fatigued) and missed a couple of sessions in the next few days. I can’t imagine how a solo parent could do any training at all – you’d need to have a great relationship with your parents!

Coming Up?

Week 15. The is the second week of my ‘Base 1’ base training block. There is a 4th swim and a 4th run – my first brick run, straight after the long ride (danger, DANGER!). I can see me possibly dropping one of the swims if I can’t get my day-job done. Total training: 15.25 hours.

This week 4 CTL points on the bike equates to 415 TSS. Only targeting 380 this week. It’s starting to get hard to keep building bike fitness with only one long ride and two short rides per week.

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