Ironman NZ – 16 Weeks To Go

Summary of Week 17
Training Hours: 12:57 (Swim 2:40, Bike 7:13, Run 3:04)
Training Stress: 821
Distance: Swim 7 km, Bike 180 km, Run 35km
Weight: 71ish kg (no change)
Sleep: 6 hrs/night (less)
Core Work: 1 time

week 17 ctl progress

The Highlights

  • My bike FTP has increased by 10W (it’s a number – it’s getting bigger – it doesn’t matter what it means: bigger=better!) I’m slowly edging back to the pre-torn-calf levels. And I’m really loving the regular FTP tests!
  • Finally, my bike CTL (fitness) has passed my run CTL! The 3hrs per week running are just maintaining my run fitness, while the hard bike sessions are really working me over. The goal of having my bike fitness double my run fitness is really motivating me to train harder on the bike!
  • I rode up to the Springbrook ‘Best of All’ Lookout again. It’s a great climb: ascending 923m over 16.4km at 5.5%. Equivalent to a Cat 1 climb. It took me just under 70 mins. I take the LyeBird Ridge Rd which is even narrower and quieter. This time it was raining and clagged in – I reminded me of a certain failed Tararuas Southern Crossing! Twice I was climbing super-steep pitches in my lowest gear, struggling to turn the legs over, body begging for mercy, when the back wheel spun out. No dabs though!
  • Springbrook Fog


  • It was hard this week. For the first time I really struggled to hit all of the sessions. Two or three were not done at the set time and rescheduled. It took a lot of effort to get everything done. The sessions need to become more of a habit, with less conscious thought, if I am to make it through the next 16 weeks! The cracks are starting to appear!
  • Cracked Dam

  • There’s too much fringe stuff now. With the core work, the blogging, the ankle retraining program, the self massage on the calf… each little 15 mins here and there are starting to add up to a significant amounts of time – time that I don’t have. The two top priorities are:

    1. keeping the calf intact, and
    2. the training itself.

    The others will get dropped (and have been already at times) as needed.

  • The Wife is away for two days this week, leaving me with the brood – including the just inoculated, and not quite so chipper, new baby. The bonus of two days off work has quickly been replaced by the reality of the endless stream of kiddy-related tasks. To be honest, I’m struggling to find time to even jot this down! Being a solo-father of 4 and Ironman training are NOT a good mix! Total respect to anyone who can manage it!

Coming Up?

Week 16. The is the first week of my ‘Base 1’ base training block. There are three increasing weeks followed by an easy week. Once again I plan to stick with the vanilla swim and run training but intend to keep smacking the bike a bit harder (using the CTL ramp rate of 4 CTL points per week as a guide). I’ve had to really reshuffle the sessions this week to free up 48 hours for non-training while The Wife is away. Total training: 14 hours.

This week, 4 CTL points equates to 408 TSS. It keeps getting harder!

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