Ironman NZ – 17 Weeks To Go

week 18 summary.png

The Highlights

Week 18 CTL progress

  • Great to get my first lake swim in. Was a real buzz smashing through the chop and navigating. Shame I got sick after!
  • I listened to my body when I felt the headcold coming on – backed off the training and rested (caught up on some sleep). And it worked! The cold was gone in a day.
  • I ran the half marathon distance in my long run. Halfway there!
  • Sleep. Sleep! Sleep!! Baby Roxi, at 7 weeks, is reliably sleeping through the night now. Suddenly I have a abundance of yummy, happy sleep!


  • Got sick after my lake swim and lost a day (missing two sessions) – not good!.
  • My calves are still very sore two days after my long run – hopefully not injured! Forced me to halve my long ride and pull out of my planned (but unnecessary) race next weekend. Outside of right foot also very sore. I’m too old for this sh!t!
  • Core work is dropping off. Stay on it son! Gotta get those abs in shape for the Gold Coast summer!

Coming Up?

Week 17. This week was supposed to be a recovery week. But because last week effectively became a recovery week, this week will have a heavier bike and swim load. I didn’t miss any runs last week so it will still be a recovery week for running. Total training: 13 hours.

Note: I need to accumulate 366 TSS points during the week to ramp up my bike CTL by 4 points. I’ve planned 395ish.

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