Ironman NZ – 18 Weeks To Go

imnz week 18 summary.png

The Highlights

CTL progress week 19

  • Once again, a 100% hit rate for training sessions. Aw shucks.
  • My long ride took me south, into known magpie country – and I didn’t get a single swoop! Is the magpie season over? Perhaps I’ll summon the courage to risk the blood-thirsty bomber on the Springbrook ‘Best of All Lookout’ climb?
  • Lots of self-massage on the calf this week. I’m getting pretty good at finding the sore spots and giving them a beating!.

Coming Up?

Week 18. Groundhog week. The same pattern as the last two weeks, with a touch more riding once again. Total training: 13 hours.

Note: I need to accumulate 355 TSS points during the week to improve my bike CTL by another 4 points…but I’ve lined up about 400 because it’s a recovery week next week.

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