Ironman NZ – 19 Weeks To Go

week20 summaryweek20 ctl

The Good

  1. I hit every session (some with a little extra) – the perfect way to start my Ironman training!
  2. I identified the weakness in my bike training plan and addressed it successfully. By doing the modified sessions, I raised my bike CTL (fitness) by 4 points, exactly as planned!
  3. Not something I can take credit for, but something that significantly improves my ability to train: Baby Roxi started sleeping through the night this week! Yayyy. Fingers crossed that this is it!

The Not So Good

I failed to improve my diet. Lots of excuses but this is an area I’ll need to tackle in the next few weeks.

Coming Up?

Week 19. This week is the second week of my 20 week training plan. It’s almost identical to last week, but includes some strides on one of the runs. Once again I’ve made the biking tougher with hill repeats on Tuesday and a 3hr+ ride on Sunday. Total training: 11 hours.

Technical Note: I need to accumulate 325 TSS points during the week to improve my bike CTL by another 4 points.

week19 training plan

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