Ironman NZ – 20 Weeks To Go

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Tomorrow I tee off on my 20 week training plan for Ironman NZ. I’ve just finalised the training week, printed it out and stuck it on the front of the fridge. Now everyone can plan around it. No surprises! The new baby has had a massive impact on our time (fourth baby – how did I forget about this?!?) and I honestly can’t see how I will fit this training in. I’m looking forward to sitting down next Sunday and finding out what actually happened!

Every Sunday night/Monday morning I intend to review the week just gone, and preview the upcoming one.

Last week was the last of my “unstructured training” weeks (read “eat bikkies and don’t really train at all” week). The highlight was that I managed to get back on the bike after a long break. It was also my first week back at work. This was far less successful! It’s a good thing that exercise is more important than work right? RIGHT? The main obstacle is that our little baby girl is not sleeping through the night yet so we are taking turns at getting a bad night’s sleep. Fingers crossed that she’ll come right soon!

This week is the first week of my 20 week training plan (I’m counting down so it’s week 20). There are 3 swims, 3 bikes and 3 runs. It is a template week for the next 20 weeks, with the sessions getting longer/harder as the race gets closer. I will consider it to be a super-successful week if I hit all of the sessions – particularly swimming, as I haven’t seen a pool in almost two months! (fortunately I’m crap at swimming anyway, and it doesn’t take long to get from Zero back to Crap!) The diet will also come under the microscope this week with junk food out and fruit and veg in.

IM Week20-shadow.jpg

This graph shows how my fitness has dropped off since the birth (click for a bigger image). The only way is up!

Fitness during Ironman buildup

There is certainly a lot of cycling to do to get my biking fitness double my run fitness!

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