Confirming my Ironman NZ training plan

Next Monday I start my 20 week Ironman training plan for Ironman NZ. Previously I made a list of the free online Ironman training plans that I could find. I was going do some further analysis and make a decision.

Well, when I wrote that I had spare time. Things have changed since the arrival of baby #4. I’ll be lucky to get time to train, let alone time to think about how I’m going to train! So I’ve made a quick decision to go with Scott Herrick’s Beginner Triathlete Full Ironman Training Program. Here’s why:

  1. Used before. I’ve used Scott’s Half Ironman Training Program in the past and it worked well for me.
  2. Simple. The plan is simple and uses RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) for effort levels. I’m very comfortable using RPE for training.
  3. Low volume. The plan is at the lower end for number of training hours required per week (starting at 8 hours and peaking at 18 hours). With four kids, a new baby and a full time job I can’t hit a big training load.
  4. Good fit. The daily timetable maps very well to my available training times, including no training on Saturday.
  5. Adaptable. Because the plan is simple and (relatively) low volume, I should be able to adapt it to suit my needs – particularly a bigger focus on cycling.

So I’ve downloaded the 20 PDF files. I used this script to download all 20 files if you are interested (I’m no shell script programmer but this did the job for me) :

for i in {1..20}
	printf -v ii "%02i" $i
	echo "
	curl "
		pdf/Week$ii.pdf" > IM-Week$ii.pdf

I’ve started entering the session details into my calendar (iCal on the Mac). 3 weeks done. Very painful! I’m looking at automating this process too (if only I had the time!). The sessions will show up in the “Training Schedule” on the sidebar of this blog. Each Sunday I will review the week gone, and preview the week coming up. This will give me the opportunity to tweak the upcoming week based on how the previous week went. And once the week is out there, I’ll feel guilty if I don’t hit the sessions!

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