Sleep, where fore art thou?

The new baby has really taken up lot of time over the last two weeks. I’ve been mulling over this post while doing dishes, making up the bottles, changing nappies, but I’ve finally found a few minutes to actually sit down and write.

I certainly forgot how time-consuming a new baby is. The first week to 10 days were pretty straight-forward as the baby just ate and slept. But now that she’s into the the third week, she’s become more alert and is less happy with the eating and sleeping. This is a time of big ups and downs. It can be pretty stressful as sometimes the baby seems to be up for hours on end (and getting progressively tetchier) and you start to wonder if she’ll ever sleep again! Once she goes down you then relax and wonder what all the stress was about!?!

The other big impact is nighttime sleep. I’ve been averaging about 3 hours of sleep at night for the last week (with some naps during the day to help out). Last night the baby slept really well and it felt like a great success – I got a whopping 4.5 hours! I know from the first three kids that this slowly comes right so it is just a matter of sucking it up and getting through it. And while the lack of sleep does affect my attitude, I’ve found that even a 30 min run can put you back on top of things.

I’ve been getting out for exercise (I can’t really call it training!) as much as I possibly can…which has turned out to be not much at all – 3 hours last week and 3.5 hours the week before. The only real window has been late at night once the big kids are down. I’d normally prefer to train in the mornings but have found these evening runs are actually quite nice. And the added bonus is that I’m in bed not long after, so there is less time upright on the sore calf muscles.

Right now, doing Ironman NZ seems an impossible goal. One month ago I was regularly training 8+ hours per week quite comfortably. Now I struggle to hit 3 hours AND next week I have to start work again and find another 40 hours for that! {queue crying baby – starts warming bottle}. In 10 days my training plan kicks off with an easy 8 hour week. I can’t imagine that I will be hitting that.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. I’m certainly rethinking my goals of only a couple of weeks ago when I thought 13 hours would be easily achievable. Completing this Ironman will be an achievement. In fact, getting to the start line will be hard enough!

{bottle almost warm, baby in full voice, no time for spell-check!}

The saving grace? Commonwealth Games on TV 24-7. Perfect for watching while feeding baby!

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