Damn you (tasty, delicious) food!

Oh dear. It looks like the diet is going to need bit of attention again. It’s been a month since my week-long tiny teddy ban (along with detailed recording of my food intake). Weight dropped a kilo during this time but it has crept back to the same level again. The theory was that a week-long hit would reset me to my factory defaults and get me back eating well. Unfortunately, it looks like the factory defaults are to scoff lots of treats; food habits have not been reset!


During that week we built up a massive stockpile of bikkies. The stockpile is sorted now! 🙂 Perhaps you recognise me from my early TV days?

My current weight is OK – it’s about as high as I’d want to get in my off-season. BUT, what is really concerning me, is that the Mother-In-Law comes to visit in 2 weeks (to help with the birth of the baby) and this is traditionally a period of weight GAIN as we get yummy home cooked meals and lots of sweet treats. This could lead to an even larger number on the scales which I wouldn’t be happy about at all!

I need to make a simple, sustainable, healthy diet change.

The primary goal has to be removing the excess sugars from my diet and replacing them with fruit and vegies as required. This is something I should be doing anyway for my general health. The secondary goal (and no doubt an outcome of this) will be to drop a kilo or so. I don’t want to be forced to record every piece of food that I eat, as that is a PITA! But it will be the only option if the 20 week block starts and weight is out of control. I think Ironman New Zealand 2011 will be tough enough without any excess weight to carry!

What the …? Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder? Did I just say that I’m going to give up cookies, sweets, cheesecake? Forever, you say?!?! Man this stuff just flows out! Who can make up stuff like this? It’s KER-AZY!

Instead of making it a hard-and-fast rule, I’ll make it a ‘life principle’ (those are air quotes – you have to do the little bunny-rabbit things with your fingers while you’re reading it. Try it. It brings the sarcasm out nicely). It will be a ‘soft target’ if you like (more air quotes). An idealistic belief that will guide my actions in the real world. I think that’s airy-fairy enough to allow me to slip up once or twice and not feel too guilty.

So that’s my new dietary plan: try to eat better. Sounds easy eh? I bet you could sell that – The ‘Try to Eat Better’ Diet. I just Googled it – zero hits! Contact a publisher. I’m going to be rich! Wooee!

OK. This starts right now. Hear me cry!

PS. If you think this is just some desperate plea from a weak-willed wuss to motivate himself by telling the world and making himself publicly accountable, then you’d be spot on!

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