Ironman and the Baby: The Perfect Storm

Baby. Work. Training. It’s all coming to a head. I feel pretty stupid. In hindsight, I should have predicted this. I should have been prepared for this! Three major situations. Each increasing in intensity. All converging on the same date. Combining to create The Perfect Storm!


After 12 weeks of pretty regular routine, the past couple of weeks have seen me stumble a few times. There was my shocking Week that Wasn’t, then I got a headcold and was out for three days, and then, today, I missed my key session – the long ride (again!).

There are three fronts converging:

1. The Baby. The baby is coming! In 17 days in fact. Baby stuff needs to be done before the baby arrives. The closer we get to the due date, the more that needs to be done, and the more urgent it is. I (rather stupidly) didn’t plan for this. Hey, it’s only my 4th baby – how could I have known? I think there is a whole lot of truth in the baby amnesia theory. I know this is going to bite me again on 18 October when I try to embark on my 20 week Ironman training block for Ironman NZ; I suspect that there’s going to be so much going on at home that it won’t seem possible to get out the door.

2. The Work. When the baby comes I’m taking three weeks off work. So, of course, all my work deadlines are due just before the baby comes. And then all this other work stuff comes up that also needs to be done just before the baby comes. And so you have the typical before-vacation snowball of work. And when you finally get out the door, you need that bloody vacation! Too bad I’m not getting a vacation though…

3. The Training. I’m not really sure when I got the idea to increase my training volume as the due date approached. Looking at my earlier posts I was planning a steady training volume that dropped off as the birth approached. Somewhere along the way I decided to step up my long rides, culminating in a 7 hour/180km ride (which would be my longest ever training ride by quite some margin). Man, I just didn’t think that one through!

So over the past couple of weeks, each of these has been ramping up, each demanding a little more of my time, and each adding a little more stress and general badness. It’s no coincidence that I numbered them 1-Baby, 2-Work, 3-Training. That has been the order of priority, with Training getting the heave-ho on a number of occasions including today, where I spent the whole day scrubbing the outside of the house – cleaning parts of the house that haven’t see a washcloth in at least 4 years! Do not underestimate the Nesting Instinct!!

So it will be easy-steady on the training front over the next two weeks. The epic rides are off the schedule (but not forgotten!).

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