Second six weeks in review


I’m three quarters of the way through my ‘pre-baby’ base training for Ironman New Zealand. It’s time to see how I’m going and see what needs some attention in the remaining few weeks…

…(checks the timetable)..

… 2.5 weeks!?! Holy cow! Not enough time! Not enough time!! That week of 30 August to 5 September is looking mighty tempting…. (better not tell the boss!)

Getting back on track. The first six weeks saw me barely swimming, cycling not enough, and running like a demon. I was missing lots of sessions and resolved to rejig my schedule with more of a cycling focus.

So how did I fare?

I’ve got another pretty (ugly) graph to help with this. But first, let me warn you! To the untrained eye, this graph might look like a Star Wars laser fight in New York City. But I tell ya, this is a very precise and insightful analysis of my last 12 weeks of training. In fact, I had some much clearer and prettier graphs to put in here, ones that you might even have been able to read, but this one is just so…so…awesome! Here it is:


OK, so let me help you…

I’m training more: up from about 7 to about 8 hours per week. I’m riding more: up from 3 to 4 hours. I’m swimming more: up from 1 to 2 hours. I’m running less: down from 3 to 2 hours. This has left me with a more balanced training mix of about 50% cycling and 25% running and swimming. Nice.

More pleasing is that I’ve managed to train for more than 8 hours in 4 of the last 5 weeks. And I’ve done close to 2 hours swimming per week for the last 4 weeks – that’s like a swim camp for me!

So let’s score it:

  • Swimming gets a 4/5. I’m on fire! (It’s all relative, baby!)
  • Running gets a 3/5. It’s in maintenance mode while I seduce the saddle.
  • Biking gets a 4/5. Better, but room for improvement. I need some long rides over the next three weeks, hopefully culminating in a 180km confidence builder. (I reserve the right to score myself above 5/5 if I manage that!)

So, overall this six week block has been particularly satisfying, especially given that it started with an unavoidable 8 day period of absolutely no training at all. I’m taking it a bit easier this week and then looking forward to going hard (long) on the bike over the next 2-3 weeks. After that I kick back (yeah RIGHT!) and rear the 4 sprogs for a month. Happy days!

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