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Ironman and the Baby: The Perfect Storm

Baby. Work. Training. It’s all coming to a head. I feel pretty stupid. In hindsight, I should have predicted this. I should have been prepared for this! Three major situations. Each increasing in intensity. All converging on the same date. … Continue reading

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The Week that Wasn’t

It was a crazy-busy week last week. Like all triathletes who are balancing family, work and training, my timetable is pretty tight with only a small buffer available for unusual events. Of course you always get some unusual events so … Continue reading

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Second six weeks in review

I’m three quarters of the way through my ‘pre-baby’ base training for Ironman New Zealand. It’s time to see how I’m going and see what needs some attention in the remaining few weeks… …(checks the timetable).. … 2.5 weeks!?! Holy … Continue reading

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Triathlon – It’s not golf!

I had a great swim the other day, followed immediately by an even better ride. I felt really strong on the bike and was pushing the pace and loving it. It was just one of those days! Triathlon training doesn’t … Continue reading

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To Needle or Not?

Acupuncture bloody hurts! But does it work? I’m in the lucky (for you) position of having torn both my right and then my left calf muscles with six months of each other. Both were diagnosed as Grade 2 calf tears … Continue reading

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