Bye Bye Bikkies

If you like your coffee (mmm coffee), then you’ll be familiar with the caffeine-withdrawal headaches you get when you try to give it up. But Tiny Teddy-withdrawal headaches?


I’ve had two good results at giving up caffeine (note the ‘two’ which rightly implies that the first wasn’t permanent; neither was the second!)

The first time I gave up coffee it was forced upon me by a doctor who insisted no coffee (or vitamin pills) for a week before a medical procedure. Interestingly, quitting those two got rid of my occasional stomach acid pains, so I’ve been happily off vitamin pills ever since (with less pain on stomach and wallet!).

The second time I gave up coffee was when I unknowingly started using a bag of decaffeinated coffee beans. Because it was a style I hadn’t had before I just thought it was a bit weak, so I struggled on through. Once it was finished I checked the label to ensure I didn’t buy it again. Shock! I rectified the caffeine balance immediately!

But back to the Tiny Teddies… (mmm delicious, nutritious, chocolate Tiny Teddies) …

I’ve been recording my weight for the last 20 months, thanks to Weightbot on the iPhone.

About 67-68kg is my race weight, also known as my “Are you sure you’re not hungry dear?” weight, and sometimes known as my “You look sick. Are you well?” weight. Over the last couple of months my weight has been nudging back up towards the 73kg mark, which is getting above my happy off-season weight of around 70-71. No big deal, but what is more concerning is that I’ve also been exercising fairly regularly (about 7hrs/week) so the weight should have been trending down, not up!

It’s pretty clear the eating habits have slipped, so last Wednesday I decided to start recording what I eat again. I use ShapeUp Club on the iPhone to do this. It’s a bit tedious so I normally don’t last more than a week or two, but it’s enough to make me think about what I’m eating and snap me out of my bad eating habits. There’s one habit in particular that I knew was causing problems: my bikkie-foraging trips to the pantry. A major perk of working from home is that you have easy access to lots of good, fresh food. A major drawback is that you have easy access to lots of bad food too! The kids’ Tiny Teddies were becoming my go-to snack food! (note these are regular Tiny Teddies, not the LSD-laced variety!)

So I decided to cut them off. In fact, I decided a TOTAL BIKKIE BAN! Not a lifetime ban, more like resetting myself to the Factory Default Settings before getting back to a reasonable level of consumption. Maybe a week. Long enough to replace the bikkie habit with something healthier like fruit (or Baileys Irish Cream mmm).

And that very day, the headaches kicked in. Surely not Tiny Teddy headaches? Surely I’m not as addicted to Tiny Teddies as I am to coffee? Well, it’s been four days and the headaches have passed. I’m putting them down to my first long swim (4km) in ages. Tiny Teddies are GOOD I tell you!

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