Rip, Shit or Bust

I injured my foot last week – and I have no idea how!

All was going well. On Sunday I did my first 3 hour ride for the year and although I was slow on the hills, I felt frisky and fine. Monday all I did was a 10km run which was a little tougher than expected due to lingering aches and pains, noticeably in my knees, from Sunday’s ride. Tuesday was a 2 hour ride which I took pretty easy because the knees were still a bit sore. I followed it up with a 4km brick run straight off the bike – my first brick run of the year. By Tuesday night my right foot (not knee) was killing me.

Somewhere in that sequence of events I managed to do something that my foot really didn’t like. But what? Which one? Was it the long hilly ride? Was it pushing on through the aches and pains? Was it my first brick? Working in IT, I’d never introduce multiple variables when stress testing a system. The “ever-so-practical” IT version of me would bring in each new activity one by one and observe the effects, make sure all was working OK, and then move on to the next one. The IT-me would recommend waiting at least 2-3 days between each new type of activity, and IT-me would ensure that any side-effects previous activities had subsided before trying something new. All very logical and sensible.


Strangely I’m nowhere near as patient when training; the IT-me doesn’t get a word in! It’s the thrill-seeking “rip, shit or bust” version of me decides my training. If I’m feeling good I’ll jump from one new goal to the next, knocking each record off and loving it. I’ve said before that I train for fun, and doing something that I haven’t done before (or haven’t done for ages) is FUN! Until you get injured…! “It’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye” (it’s OK, my eyes are fine, but getting injured is NOT fine!)

So this week IT-me has wrested control of the training from RipShitOrBust-me. I’ve given my foot a break and am now systematically working through the disciplines to see what hurts and what doesn’t. Easy run: Check. Easy swim: Check. Easy bike: Check. If IT-me has his way then this formula will continue for the next week or two. But RipShitOrBust-me still lurks: I felt so good on my “easy” run that I ended up running my fastest 8km split for eight months! Stupid. But FUN!

I guess this is where a coach plays an important role – reigning in my pointless excesses and using each session as a baby-step towards my final goal: Ironman NZ in March 2011. I shall contemplate coaching in another post methinks…

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1 Response to Rip, Shit or Bust

  1. Russ Cox says:

    Keep things easy for now. You admit your pattern is to get into it, push and injure yourself. Whatever the cause of your foot injury it likely came from too much stress too soon on the body.

    If you enjoy training it’s better to be training consistently, but easier. Than erratically, but harder. The fitness for Ironman will come from regularity not smashing the occasional training P.B.


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