Weekly training routine Revisited

It’s only taken five weeks of using my weekly training routine to find enough problems to force a rewrite. The biggest problem is that the cycling isn’t happening often enough. Having just two weekly rides scheduled, and on adjacent days, wasn’t delivering. So I’m moving to three rides, with a day between each. All three rides are scheduled for a day when it is my morning (as opposed to The Wife’s morning). So I can do the rides first thing in the morning which allows me to go longer for free (well, NOT EXACTLY free – it won’t cost the family any of my time, but I’ll have to crash pretty early the night before!). The running has been very good, but on a few occasions my Thursday run has affected my Friday long run, so I’m moving the three runs to have a day between them too. There’s no need to change the swimming – it isn’t happening but that’s because I haven’t made it happen.

Part of the reasoning for the original schedule was to fit in with sessions from the local tri club. I’ve since realised that most of the tri club sessions I could make are short, power sessions which I don’t want/need to do with others. The one session that will help me is the Sunday morning long ride, so that one stays put.

So now I have the Weekly Training Routine Mk2:


A couple of other things to note. I had this notion that I would start doing core exercises regularly. Well they’ve happened a grand total of ZERO times in the last five weeks. “If they ain’t on the schedule, they ain’t gonna happen”. I’ll see how I go over the next seven weeks. If I can’t get it going, I might schedule two sessions a week.

The other idea bouncing around my mind is that the 7 rides in 7 days was so successful (and easy) that I might make it a regular 4-weekly event. Obviously that throws the weekly routine out a bit. Hmmm. Perhaps a 31 rides in 31 days would be cool?

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