First six weeks in review

I’ve completed the first six weeks of my “routine training week” and the routine ain’t working! It’s a good thing there’s still 36 more weeks till Ironman NZ!


Well, it hasn’t been all that bad. My running has been coming along really well. I’ll give it 5/5. I’ve been consistently doing 30+ km per week, culminating in a half marathon distance run two days ago. The best part of this is that my right calf is almost (ALMOST) forgotten and when I left physio today I did NOT book another session. Healed perhaps? Woohoo! It’s been 6 months and 26 days since I tore it, so it’s long overdue. Now I can start to build the confidence back up, and not wince in fear at every twinge! I’ve got no speed but I am starting to see lower heart rates for long runs.

My riding has been pretty average. I’ll give it 3/5. I’ve had one good week where I rode 260km (the 7 rides in 7 days week), but apart from that my cycling has been far too light: typically around 2-3 hours per week. Not good enough when my aim is to build up my riding to 5-6 hours per week before the baby.

Swimming gets a 1/5. Hey, I’m saving on pool fees!

So here is a pic showing the training for the first six weeks. Generally 5-7 hours per week with the one big week in there. The TSS is the Training Stress Score that is generated by the WKO+ software I use. It provides an better indication of the quality of the training than just time alone. You can see that as my training hours increase, the TSS does not increase at the same rate because I have to take it a bit easier. I’m hoping to use TSS to help define some of my half ironman simulation sessions, once I have a better understanding of (and faith in) it.


Tomorrow I start an enforced layoff of 8 days – I’m flying solo with the two youngest kids during the school holidays. Once I’m back into it I’ll have a 7-8 week block before it is BABY TIME! I am going to re-jig the timetable to give it more of a bike focus. Le Tour will help for motivation!

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