Spicing it up

Damned if I can make this routine stuff work! I’m now into the 5th week of my 15 week base training block and I’ve never got close to hitting my basic weekly training routine. I’ve hit all of the runs, about half of the rides, and 1 or 2 of the swims. My main concern is getting the cycling volume going. Obviously I need to be hitting some really long rides during the 20 week training block, and I’d like to have some cycling behind me before then. Biking just ain’t exciting me right now!


So, I’ve decided to spice it up! Over the next three weeks I’m going to focus on the individual sports. First week I’ll have a bike focus, second a swim focus and third a run focus. So this week is bike focus week. The aim is to ride every day: 7 rides in 7 days, with a minimum time of 60 minutes. I’ll try to keep my running going during the week but the swims will probably get dropped (hey – I wasn’t doing them anyway!). The following week will be 7 swims in 7 days, with a minimum of perhaps 1000m (give the legs a chance to recover). And the 3rd week will be 7 runs in 7 days with a minimum of perhaps 8km.

The goal is to get a bit of volume happening without making each session too onerous. 7 hrs riding, 7km swimming and 56km running will all be PBs for this year. Hopefully this little game will keep me motivated and in three weeks time I’ll be in a better place to start hitting my regular routine! (more likely, I’ll be eating my words, but hey, gotta burn to learn!)

Some other motivational weeks up my sleeve include:

  • 7 olympic triathlons (1.5/40/10) in 7 days (thanks Chris)
  • the elusive 500km bike week (actually, 400km still eludes me – 324km is my max)
  • the 100km run week (52km is my max)
  • the 20km swim week (tried and failed abysmally a few months back)

These are all pretty full on. Any other ideas?

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